Will You Trust Him in the Waiting Room?

Will You Trust Him in the Waiting Room?

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The thing I love the most about The Bible is that no matter how many times you’ve read a passage, you get something different from it each time. Being raised in the church, I have probably heard the story of Lazarus a million and one times before. For so long, I thought this story was merely abouwaitingt a man who was raised from the dead. But as I was reading this story recently, God showed me something so powerful and I had to share. It’s always interesting to see how God will reveal certain things to you at different points in your walk with Him to help you grow. The part that really spoke to me was that it wasn’t necessarily the fact that Jesus was able to raise Lazarus from the dead, but the action He took (or didn’t take) when He heard about it. This story comes…

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