The Lonely Chronicles

The Lonely Chronicles

So it seems to be  “cuffing season” everyone on Instagram is taking pictures with their boo and getting in relationships. And that may make you feel somewhat lonely when you realize that there is no one there to hold you at night (which is usually when females get in their feelings). So what do you do? I’ll be the first to say that I have a fear of being alone and that I too get lonely at times. And don’t get me wrong there are plenty guys who want to be more than friends . But do I get in a relationship just because I’m lonely. No!


See God’s plans for your life exceed any thoughts for your life that you could think of. That includes the man that you desire for yourself.

So what do we do? WE SEEK GOD, and be patient. God may be working inside of you and your partner to get you both ready for a relationship.


There should be no rush! But trust me I know it’s hard and the Devil sees that. He knows what to tempt you with. So right when you may make the decision to cut everyone off and just focus on him, he will send guys from every direction to talk to you. And he’s clever too, he won’t send the ones your way that you know are not right for you. He’ll make you think and send the ones that go to church, play on the drums, teach Sunday school etc. But you have to make a concrete decision and focus on God. Because they too may be a distraction.

And this is how you can tell what a distraction is, when you are with that person do you think about them more than you think of God. Do you care about pleasing them more than you care about pleasing God. And how much time do you spend with them vs your time spent with God ?

So during this so called “cuffing season” don’t be lonely. Seek God, build a relationship with your father he loves you more than any man could. And he will fill those voids in your heart.

Matthew 6:33 But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.



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