Is Your Music Planting the RIGHT Seeds?

Is Your Music Planting the RIGHT Seeds?


When you become saved you start to run after Christ! You want to know everything about him, the words of the Bible become food for the soul. Even though we are not perfect we still must strive to become more like Christ.

However distractions are real and we must be careful of what we let enter into our minds and our hearts.

I decided to post this after listening to Beyonce’s new album..I would catch myself singing the lyrics in the shower, in the car and pretty much wherever I would go. But something did not feel right, the more I would listen to these lyrics, the more conviction started to lay heavy on my soul.

Some people may so “its just a song” but music can have a strong affect on your mindset. If you hear a love song and you are single, you may start to think about how much you want to be in a relationship or if you hear a song like “drunk in love” (Beyonce’s new single) you may start to think about sex.

So now some of you may be thinking “so what music should I not listen to?” Hmmm I would ask myself this question.

1. What does the music lyrics make me feel? If the music does not have a positive effect on your spiritual journey, let it go.

We can no longer make excuses for our sin.

We have to get serious about living for Christ, don’t let something like music compromise your anointing.

Ephesians 5:10 And try to discern what is pleasing to the Lord.



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