Have You Conversed With God Today?

Have You Conversed With God Today?


If you’re anything like me you have to ask yourself that question everyday. I have that question posted on my mirror actually. That’s bad right?! 😦 Yea ok well it happens lol.

As a society we’ve adopted this cliche saying “keep God first” but in actuality how many are keeping him first? Let me be honest…most days God is not first in my life. Everything else is first though, my schoolwork, my friends, my social site, so on and so forth. Every morning like clockwork I open my eyes and immediately reach for my phone before I even utter a “thank you Lord for allowing my eyes to open” or anything. Crazy! If you be honest that’s you as well. We get caught up in the rift raft of our day and forget about the one thing we constantly boast about being the most important person in our life.

So it’s wee hours in the morning and like usual my eyes spring open and what do I do? You already know…reach for my phone. I reached for my phone for one reason only and it definitely wasn’t to see what I saw :-/. Scrolling on facebook and who do I see? My best friend (in my head) Heather Lindsey. Mind you she always gets me right together, in the words of one of my twitter followers, she “whoops my flesh”. So eloquently her status read “Facebook & twitter has shown us that we absolutely have time to pray, we just don’t have a desire to do so. #timecheck“. *Rolls spiritual eyes & physical eyes too* How dare she?! My goodness!!!

There it is! I have so much time to pray, I don’t have the desire to do so. Soon as I got myself together I had to go to the Lord in prayer and repent for putting him on the back burner. I prayed and I read my devotional from this morning and asked to start over. Sometimes as Christians we lose our zeal for Christ and getting to know him but I urge you to ask forgiveness and ask him to restore the joy of your salvation as I have. Let’s put him first and KEEP him first!

Colossians 4:2 Devote yourself to prayer, being watchful and thankful.



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