Oh What Love He Has for Us?!

Oh What Love He Has for Us?!


I have never been so hype for Easter in my entire life! This year is definitely different for me and it’s all because I’m coming to the realization how heavy the holiday is and has become in my life. When you’re younger you don’t understand the magnitude of the holiday. All you think about is the dress you’re going to wear, the shoes you saw at Dillard’s to match the dress, the after church outfit, and the wonderful Easter egg hunt you and the squad are going to participate in when everybody else leaves church. Yes, that is exciting and for the past 23 years I have looked forward to that. This 24th year I haven’t even been pressed about finding an outfit (although I have spotted a couple lol) but I’ve been more concerned about my spiritual life.

This week I’ve been meditating on the importance of Easter and what it truly means to my Christian walk. The life, death, and resurrection of Jesus are important to me because I realize I am only living because He gave his life for my life. It amazes me that Jesus being ALL God and ALL man had the power to walk away from the cross but he didn’t because He had me in mind. He had my mistakes, my mishaps, my hang-ups, my screw ups on his mind. Not only did he have me in mind but you as well.

It amazes me that Jesus could have easily told the Father no and made the decision to not be falsely accused, spit on, whipped, and nailed to a cross but He went pursued it anyways. If you haven’t realized Calvary was definitely a decision. It amazes me that Jesus decided to endure Calvary at the mere age of 12. At 12 Jesus realized He must be about His father’s business because his father had all of mankind in mind.

It amazes me that not once did Jesus think twice about walking away from his assignment knowing what the outcome was going to be. Can you imagine if Jesus would have walked away from his assignment at 12 and decided to be a normal little boy? Can you imagine Jesus not taking authority over death, hell, and the grave? He would have prolonged his life for us to go to hell. Whoa!
I cannot fathom it.

Can you imagine being so stressed that you begin to sweat drops of blood!? Well, that’s what Jesus found himself doing when praying at the mount of olives.

I don’t think we realize how weighty Christ’s assignment was. Jesus came to endure hell so that we could go to heaven. He was falsely accused, beat like a dog, had nails driven into his hands and feet, spit on, pierced in his sides, crowned with thorns & he mumbled not a word, hung his head & died so that we could be reconciled back into right relationship with the Father.

I’m undeserving, I’m unworthy but bc he loved me before I even loved myself, I’m thankful for his sacrifice & I do not take it lightly what was done for me! Because Jesus has victory over death, hell, & the grave I have victory over every circumstance & situation in my life.

What other love do you know that would agonize over your soul to the point they begin to sweat blood? Get spit on (& no we’re not talking about a piece of spit you may get on you from having a conversation)? Get lied on? Get mistreated? Get whipped? Have their hands and feet hammered with nails? Get hung high on a cross?

Don’t worry I’ll wait…

My point is this, take a moment and think about the sacrifice that was made just for you on Easter and not so much about the glitz and glam of the holiday…it’ll blow your mind!

Reference Matthew chapters 26, 27, 28

God wants us to win…Enjoy your Easter/Resurrection Day 🙂



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