Raised To Life


                Its amazing what God can do, I’ve seen my life be changed drastically by God. I’ve seen others lives be completely changed as well, their minds, their hearts, their attitudes their spirits change.

                Gods love is so amazing because its so consistent and unchanging. He doesn’t care about what you’ve done in the past he opens his arms out to you!

                Its so simple to think that all you have to do for God to began changing your life is by confessing with your mouth and believing in your heart that Jesus is the son of God, that he died on the cross for your sin and that he rose from the dead, is seated at the right hand of the father and will come again to judge the living and the dead.

                I remember a period of time before I gave my life to Christ. I was affected by everything going on around me. I depended on the world and its circumstances to make me happy. Which is a very sad way to go through life.I was dead in sin and began to do things to temporarily make me happy.

                But like me you will get to a point in time where those temporary things will no longer make you happy, you may feel a spirit of conviction or even start to realize the consequences of that behavior. And be thankful for conviction because that is CHRIST in you telling you that something is wrong.

                It wasn’t until I was so broken and I no longer had hope in myself to change a situation that I went to God and just sincerely poured my heart out to him. I had begun to realize that I can’t do it on my own.

                I NEED GOD

                And it’s only through God that you can be changed! We can do things to ourselves to make ourselves LOOK different physically but there’s only one thing that can change us internally and that is through God.

                We are literally dead in SIN , but when we give our lives to Christ we become alive!

Don’t continue to live a life being dead in sin! Be raised to life in Christ.



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