The No before the Sin

The No before the Sin

So when I look back over my life I think about all the sin that I was engulfed in and how easy it was to avoid those situations by a simple NO.


A lot of times we may try to stay on the right track and do the things of God but we are still babies in Christ and we continue to put ourselves in environments that tempt us.

For example if you have trouble with drinking but you constantly surround yourself with people who are asking you to “turn up” , of course its going to be more difficult for you to stop.

If you have problems with lust and sexual desires but you continue to cuddle and stay over with your boyfriend/girlfriend then of course its going to tempt you and you may slip up.

If you have problems with gossiping but you constantly surround yourselves with women or men who cant seem to stop talking about others then, of course its going to be difficult for you to stop.

So why put yourself in tempting situations? God always gives you a way out.

One thing that I’ve learned to do is to make rules and regulations for my life. I’ve learned that there is always a way to avoid sin just by not putting ourselves in tempting situations because temptations are very real!

When you are serious about your walk with God you may have to cut some friendships off, but God is a provider so do not be afraid of being alone because God will provide with you the right friends that will help you with your walk with God.

Real Friends and real relationships care about your SOUL.

Another thing is that before you’re about to do something, THINK about it. Is this helping me with my walk with God or is it going to cause me to take steps back?

If its not benefiting your walk with God then let it go and learn to say NO.

Give yourself rules:

Problems with drinking:

  • Pray (Go to God with your problems, you cannot do it on your own strength. So stop trying.)
  • Do not surround yourselves with people who constantly ask you to drink with them.
  • Before you think about getting drunk ask yourself if being drunk is worth you feeling ashamed and guilty the next day while your repent for something that you knew you should not have been doing.
  • Limit yourself to a glass of wine. ( you can drink without getting drunk)

Problems with Sex:

  • Pray!!!! Prayer Works (God gives us power over the enemy, pray that lust spirit out your life)
  • Eliminate tempting situations (No sleeping over, no touching inappropriate places,no inappropriate texts)
  • Make sure your significant other is a man/woman of God and that they are focusing on spiritual growth. (They wont want to put you into those situations because they care about you on a spiritual level, they’ll understand the value of waiting. You are worth the wait!)

Problems with Gossiping:

  • You know it by now! PRAY about it
  • Stop surrounding yourselves with people who cant stop talking about others ( it does not look good ladies and gentlemen it actually makes you look like you have nothing to do with your time, so focus your time on something more productive)
  • If someone is going through something then pray for them do not talk about them. Talking about someone else wont solve the problem.
  • Whenever someone starts to talk about someone do not give in! Simply change subjects or something I like to do is to just “smile and nod” You cant talk about someone alone after awhile it gets awkward without a consistent “ooooh, and really? and yes girl I heard”

So remember that there is always a NO before the sin 🙂

I love you, God loves you ….Be blessed


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