Thou Shall Not Chase a Man

Thou Shall Not Chase a Man

Okay so you may be looking at the title like what?? I do not remember seeing this in the 10 commandments but this is implied in the Bible when it says that “ He who finds a wife finds a good thing And obtains favor from the LORD.” Proverbs 18:22 .

This means that YOU the woman should not be searching for your “Adam” (future husband) he should be able to find you.


Some of you are thinking “Well can God hurry up because the clock is ticking”

First of all I don’t know who told you that you had to be married by 21 and have kids by 25 but that’s a lie.

So often we find ourselves trying to mess up the order that God has created to protect us and end up looking foolish.

Stop sending messages to guys on Twitter, sliding in someone’s DM’s and get a grip on what God has for you during this season.

If you are single, enjoy being single!! This is your time to fully focus on God and find out who you are. We spend so much time trying to make ourselves into the woman that we think some guy wants us to be that we never even know who we really are.

God loves you and the man that God has for you will find you and be attracted to you for all the RIGHT reasons. He will love you for who you are and not who you are pretending to be. He will be attracted to you for more than what you look like but he should be attracted to your spirit.

If you ever have to win over a guys love or chase a man then that is not the man that God created for you. Because the man that God created for you will be able to spot his rib.

& Trust me, if men want something or someone they will go after it, so if you are chasing someone, I hate to break it to you but….he’s just not that into you.


Think about the word chase for instance, if you are chasing someone or something then it is obviously trying to get away from you…if not you wouldn’t have to chase it, it would’ve came to you.

And So What! Who Cares? You should’nt want to waste your time on someone who didn’t see enough value in you in the first place to pursue you in the right way.

You are a daughter of the KING of KINGS, the one and only creator of the Heavens and the Earth. You are so much more valuable than you perceive yourself.

And patience is the key, as a woman we were created to nurture and love someone. So it’s not out of the norm for you to want a companion and for someone to love you back. So first you need to realize how much God loves you! He sent his one and only perfect son to die on the cross for you. He loves you despite your sin, your guilt and shame. He is a God of unconditional love.

God wants you to be happy and he knows exactly what and whom needs to be in your life. He will send the right man for you at the right time, so just be patient and trust God.

So realize your worth and know that you deserve to be chased and not the chaser.

& in the meantime enjoy the season that you are in

I love you, God loves you, have a blessed day! -Brea


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