I Keep Attracting the Wrong Guys

I Keep Attracting the Wrong Guys


Okay So I decided to write this post because I want to help the women who feel like they keep attracting the wrong guys. I recently was listening to an interview with Amber Rose, who is now back on the dating scene after the split from her husband Wiz Khalifa. In the interview with Hot 97 Amber talks about how she just wants someone who can take her on a date, without asking her about sex constantly.

This is where I began to see the confusion that most women have right now in the social media age. Amber Rose is without a doubt one of the most beautiful women on this planet but lets be honest what man can sit down with Amber and not think about sex? Not that many…but it all comes from the way she presents herself.  She has no problem flaunting her body and that’s perfectly fine it’s her choice. She just has to know that the way she presents herself is how she will be perceived and most men may not respect her the way she deserves because of it. She’s beautiful, intelligent, a great mother, and has a lot going for herself but  a good man may never notice her for these things because all he sees is the provocative pictures that she puts on social media.

This isn’t just an issue for Amber either; it’s a problem for tons of women in the world. I see girls all the time who make statuses talking about sex, or who put up pictures with their boobs hanging out, booty exposed etc. And then complain about how they don’t attract the right men. Well honey I’m here to tell you that the right man just looked right past your picture because he couldn’t see you as a potential wife and mother. A real man wouldn’t want his woman to expose her body to the world because that is supposed to be for his eyes only .He may feel like if you showcase your body for a few likes on Instagram I wonder what else she’s capable of doing? She’s obviously not working on her career or building herself up to become a better person. Baby girl I’m here to tell you that the right man for you will love you for YOU & not just your body. You don’t need that type of attention, and if you feel like the only reason a man could love you is by showing off your body then you are so wrong.  You are beautiful and God loves you just the way you are! God the creator of the heavens and the earth created you, and I think sometimes we forget how special we actually are.

I wanted to provide you with some tips and things to think about if you are indeed struggling with some of the issues I stated above.

  1. Stay Focused On God – Not on finding a man. You may be lonely and desire a man but when you trust in God and believe that what he has in store for you is greater, than anything you can think or imagine it gets easier. If you keep attracting the wrong men then you obviously aren’t doing something right. Let go of your insecurities and lay it all at God’s feet .He will provide you with the right one at the right time and when you least expect it. When you realize how much God loves you, it won’t be so hard to stay focused.
  1. Realize Your Worth- When I went back and read about the crucifixion of Jesus and realized the price that he paid for me, It tore me up. How can I live a life of a peasant when I’m a queen? God gave you a crown its about time you dusted it off. Stop giving your body to a man who doesn’t deserve it, stop selling your body for likes and approval, and stop entertaining the guy who has no intention on treating you like the queen you are.
  1. Pray- I don’t think people realize how powerful prayer is! Ask God to heal your mind, deliver you from that sexual immortality spirit, to guide you on making the right decisions, to become selfless, to fully depend on him, to realize your worth, to stay grounded in him, to give you desire to grow spiritually, to mold you into the wife to the husband that he has set out for you and to send the man that he created just for you when you both are ready.

I hope that this encouraged someone! I love you, God loves you, be blessed


If you want any advice or want to contact me for anything email me at: jamesb@winthrop.edu


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