You Are NOT your mistake!

You Are NOT your mistake!


Don’t let your mistake define you, but let your mistake be a defining moment that grows you closer to God.

I think so many people look at their lives and the mistakes they’ve made and say to themselves how could God love me? We can’t wrap our minds around a love so profound, so patient, so kind so forgiving and sacrificial. How can someone so perfect love someone like me?

See the enemy makes us define ourselves by what we’ve done and the mistakes that we’ve made in our past but God says that your sins and the mistakes you’ve made in the past can be washed away and that you can be transformed and made new through the power of Christ.

Don’t let your mistake define you, but let your mistake be a defining moment that grows you closer to God.

God knows that we are not perfect.

Romans 3:23 “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”

So stop letting the feeling of shame and guilt keep you away from the only one who can help you overcome your strongholds.

Just because you may have done something that you know isn’t right in Gods eyes, does not mean that God is angry with you. We know that God hates the sin but loves the sinner. He will always love you, we may not be worthy of a love so divine but that doesn’t mean it runs out.

I’m still amazed at the amount of patience that God has with me. After all I’ve done in the past and all the things that I still struggle with. God still continues to love me unconditionally.

Overtime I’ve actually started to really appreciate the mistakes that I’ve made because they have made me into the woman that I am t000000000000000000god1oday. I’ve learned so much from my past and have grown tremendously because of it.

& I need for you to do the same! Realize that just because you had a baby before marriage does not mean you’re a failure, just because you struggled with sex in the past does not mean you’re a hoe, and just because you chose to conform to the world in your past does not mean that you are of the world.

You are a child of God and I want you to know right now that you are not your mistake, you’re past or what you are struggling with right now but you are a child of God! I declare right now in the name of Jesus that you will be delivered from whatever is holding you back from giving your full self to God.

God did not bring you into this world to live a life full of heartache, pain, sadness, depression, temporary pleasures and deceit. But he wants you to live a joyful and prosperous life that can only be found in him.

Through Christ we are overcomers, we are conquerors and God gives us the power to break every chain. So be encouraged, and live the life that God has set out just for you! He has a plan and a special purpose for each one of you; all you have to do is believe.

Remember that you are not your mistake, you are a child of God!

I love you, God loves you..God bless